I recently bought a tall bookcase, with glass doors, and, and made up extra shelves for it. The extra shelves were made because I planned to use it to display cameras, which are typically a good deal shorter than most books.

I installed it at the bottom of the stairs to the basement. You cannot help but look at it going down the stairs. I have it quite full of all sorts of cameras from my collection, which fuluctuates between 25 and 30 or so. The ones I use are not in the cabinet, but rather in kit bags packed ready for use.

Now if I had a way to put extra darkroom gear on display, that would probalably help. I currently have 4 enlargers scattered about the basement; three of them actually ready to be used. In truth the 5x7" Laborator 138 I really don't need, because I dont shoot or plan on shooting larger than 4x5. It is such a finely made machine I have a hard time thinking of parting with it though.