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The best way to promote film is to use it, print it, do it well, and show it.

Most intelligent people understand that it's the results that matter, and not the tools. So, impress the hell out of those around you with your film use. Be nice about it too, without promoting film as a sort of superior method, but as an alternative that we like and explain why.

My own wording, when people ask me why I haven't started using digital tools, is that I don't like to edit pictures on a computer, and that I prefer a physical tangible process where my hands are involved. Using film is a choice that can be made for many reasons, but the overwhelming one has to be that we simply like it better. Why else would we do it? I know it isn't because I particularly like smelling selenium or sepia toner...
...or Caffenol. But as the good Doctor said, "I love the smell of fixer in the morning..."

Well put, Thomas.