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People always join "teams" on "sides" of shifts like this. A certain type of analog tribalist is no less guilty. See this thread itself for the usual examples of silly assertions about how all digital images are going to evaporate in a few decades and only film (which, for the record, is a lot more sensitive to every common environmental factor than solid-state digital storage media, and a lot more difficult to effectively back-up) is an "archival" media. That sort of raving doesn't help with either the mainstream audience or the rational segment of film lovers.

Coming out with "fim is superior to digifail" makes all film users out to be reactionary Luddite cranks.

Saying that all photography is good, but "yoo may want to try this hand-crafted, old school photography" is a winning sales pitch.

The vast majority of film users acquired through evangelizing will not be in the darkroom anyways because most people haven't the time, money, or space for one. They'll get a mail-order lab to do it, and it will inevitably be scanned. So discrediting digital when scanning will be a key component of promoting film is inherently counter-productive.