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Coming out with "fim is superior to digifail" makes all film users out to be reactionary Luddite cranks.

Saying that all photography is good, but "yoo may want to try this hand-crafted, old school photography" is a winning sales pitch.
You are right!

I think the most important thing is simply to use film, so people see that you are taking pictures on film. Generally the feed back is almost always very good. Then it's good to show your photos - nowadays this is pretty easy as if you are meeting people most digital photographers are showing their pictures on their i-phone - so you just have to show a print on FB paper...;-) Especially young people who grew up with digital photography are very interested in the traditional way. Generally it is important to show people, that film is not dead. I met young photographers who never tried film just because they did not even think about it or thinking that film is not produced anymore......