Labcoat – Maple in shade- on Ektar. A nice maple dominates the scene, and could almost have been a b&w shot heavy on the toning, so muted brown are the colour of the shadows. That is Ektar for you- a slide film like coating on a color negative film - great colour saturation, but little exposure latitude. So your shadows came out muted. The lit areas are nice and punchy. Lovely bits erupt where the sun pokes though the tree and breath patches of green. The figure included in the lower part of the scene gives an appreciated scale to the image. The black rebate adjacent the white border is a nice touch.

Markrewald – Alfalfa canted. The fogged edges are no issue for me. Gifted paper finds its way to me this way. Photo paper – oh it doesn’t fit my inkjet kind of people going through the estate contents of older relative who was an ‘olde schoole photo guy’.
There is a squarish part of the house that turns up in the background to the left of the dog’s head. I would have stood to see it held back a bit, to reduce the rectilinear image elements that otherwise fall into an image full of soft swirls and beautiful bokeh.
The very nice presentation of the shallow depth of field works very well. The eyes are most sharp, and the nose is acceptably sharp. The canto one side of the dog’s head is what makes it a great image to me.

Roger Thoms –Substation portal #5. The borders are most appropriately sized to the balance of the image and the cropping of the image into the frame is done most expertly. There are clean whites in the graffiti on one of the window panes of the door, and there is also good shadow detail in the door frames. Nice mid tones show us the modulation of light that the corrugated iron above the door produces. Very well done.