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It's nice to have friends in the world who email you to tell you that someone is talking smack about you on a forum, LOL!

Look sir, I never meant to imply that I am the only one doing something to promote film use, sorry you took that personally to the point that you have to target me like this.

The fact of the matter is that I have been shooting digital professionally for over 18 years, been there done that and I am still doing it. I have nearly 200,000 frames on my D700, tens of thousands on my X100 which is not even a year old, both killer rigs to shoot with. I have a D4 on order, etc…

But I love film, I love the mystery, the unintended consequence of visually meandering from the norm, or at least the perceived one. So I am fighting tooth and nail to shoot less commercial and editorial work in which digital is a requirement and instead, is an option and do more fine art and book projects in which I call the shots, and shoot film.

Here is why I feel we are not doing enough to promote film use, this site included: In terms of mainstream / consumer use, film is toast, no argument there. But the hype engine that is the internet is making the mainstream / consumer level camera user think it is gone, period. They think you can not get film anywhere. When Kodachrome was nixed, I can not tell you how many people thought that meant that FILM was nixed!

The simple fact remains that if enough people use a product, there will be at least some form of business model to be had from that. But if far less people use film or at least seek out the option because they keep hearing film is dead and see no evidence that it is alive and well, then we are screwed.

So how about knocking off the targeting of me, show some work on here, like you do out there? It is go time for all of us, otherwise….
Thought you were checking out last week? But then the soap box and sidewalk are free, no?

History. Kodachrome was no longer viable. Never shot the stuff 'cause I didn't like the look. Working pros stopped shooting it in the early/mid-90s when Velvia knocked it off photo editors' light tables. Amateurs followed suit, especially after processing became inconvenient. Film demand went over the falls a decade ago. In a sense, we're already "screwed," in your terms. One of the oldest(57 years in biz) and once busiest labs in Toronto is closing next week after a long death watch. Not the stuff to mention to a film rookie or potential recruit.

Think you're flattering yourself as a contrarian. One of my favorites was the late Christopher Hitchens, who was also a realist and informed. All I'm reading is self-congratulation and denial from you, along with the odd bitch slap to people, like me, you don't know. I do what I can, how I can, when I can. Try not to offend people accidentally? You're preaching to the converted here.