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I think youll be suprised. It will be as good a quality as Leica. Cosina wont be able to "copy" the Ziess equipment, theyre machines MADE by Zeiss. So theyd have to buy these at a huge expense from Zeiss.

Cosina obviously have very good manufacturing processes in place, and this is why the cost is low.
Can you tell me what, exactly, you base these statements on?

As good as Leica? When it comes to build quality, that's an extremely bold proposition, especially considering that nobody has even seen the final production model yet. We know that the basic structure of the camera is based on the Bessa series...but nobody outside of the R&D and production groups yet knows just how much of the camera will be built on Cosina equipment and how much will be built on Zeiss eqiupment. If it was all being built on Zeiss equipment, Cosina wouldn't be needed at all. The fact that they're involved leads me to believe that at least part of the camera is simply a recycled Bessa.

As to Cosina not being able to "copy" the Zeiss equipment...why not? It's just equipment. Do parts of it exist in an alternative dimension that only Zeiss has the keys to? It may be expensive for Cosina to copy the equipment...but my guess is they'll look for a way to make equipment that produces similar results without copying the Zeiss equipment. Give them a year or two and see what they're doing under the Bessa name.