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Ironically, people from digital like to try film in part because they can waste a zillion shots on digital perfecting technique without blowing money on practise rolls (sorry Kodak). That's the new normal gateway into film photography and should be embraced. Think of all the people who guy from APS-C digital sensors to Medium Format film. That's quite a leap, yet it's made possible entirely because of the practice phenomenon.
I use this technique myself when I'm in (what is to me) a tricky lighting situation. Out comes the digital P&S. It doesn't tell me the aperture and shutter speed it uses, but I can dial in exposure compensation in 1/3 stop increments from -2 to +2 stops. When I get a shot I like on the digital P&S, I dial in the same exposure compensation on the 35mm SLR and take the shot, confident that I have indeed gotten the shot. Bracket? Yep. I bracket with the digital. Once the digital image is exposed the way I want it, it gets committed to film with the film camera.

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