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It's the path less walked. The road less traveled. This is a good thing and a market can be reconstructed out of that.
Agreed. We need to focus on the unique capabilities of film and not pick futile battles. As the saying goes, you can wrestle a hog in the mud and eventually win, but the hog will enjoy it.

As I tried to say in my blog post, there are many things that film can still do far better than the other thing. There is increasing value in the craft of traditional photography. Those truly engaged in personal, creative art know that very well. I am not among those laboring to construct works of homage to 100 year old photographs, nor do I seek someone's else tripod holes. I am a living, breathing, young photographer using film to do new kinds of photography. And I think there are very unique and valuable things that film (and alt printing and wetplate etc) can do now.