Right now I'm buying C41 press kits which work *extremely* well if you are diligent with the chemistry (keep them in accordian-style airtight containers and out of light, anal-retentive temperature control, etc). I am on my tenth roll with this kit which cost me about $22. I have consistent results amongst all rolls and see little (if no) fall off between the first and the tenth roll. I feel if I can get ten rolls out of this kit then I am breaking even with negative-only developing at stores which averages around $2.00/roll. Furthermore, obviously, my negatives come out perfect whereas developing at stores (wal-mart, cvs, rite-aid, etc) it's inevitable that I will get scratches, undissolved silver, old chemistry, and general mishandling and contempt of the job (the photo "tech").

I am about to re-up on this kit unless I am missing something out there.

So, am I?

Thanks and cheers!