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Last spring I got back into photography with rangefinders and been struggling with them ever since,decided I'm an slr guy. The pentax 645 confirmed itand decided to get the 150mm lens to expand it then later get a spotmatic for 35mm. Well this week keh has a 150mm for the 645 on sale and there's a spotmatic f for sale in the classifieds. My problem is money is tight and either one is at the edge of what I could possibly spend but am nervous about getting caught short on cash . AAARRRRGGGGHHHH.
You have my deepest sympathies, mate, but I have to agree with what others have said. If you buy knowing you can't really afford it, chances are you'll be feeling guilty before you even get home. Will you then be able to enjoy what you've bought? As you sit on the couch with your new purchase, dry-shooting because you can't afford any film, will you regret giving into GAS?

My 2c-worth - read the post about Phototherapy and go take some photos. Save up until you have more than enough, then buy. They won't run out of gear...