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But why do you assume they don't realize this? It's blazingly obvious.
Yeah, I think it's obvious too. But I've had a few conversations where others seemed to think that it wasn't so obvious. And I was completely baffled. I've been doing it for years.

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So I think you can safely assume that for those people who don't subscribe to your logic, there must be other issues...
Sure, I'll buy that. There are artistic reasons for wanting the rebate to appear. And your point that some emulsions are only available in 135 are correct. And I'll also be satisfied to accept "I do it because I feel like it." After all, that's why I'm here at all. I don't make any money with film, or art in general. It is a complete mental diversion for me, and a sunk cost to boot. It has zero payback outside entertainment value for my personal circumstance. I take pictures because I feel like it, and when anyone asks why I use film I say because I feel like it. So that's legit.

But I really have heard people say they can't try any pano work because they can't afford it. Duh!?

But as your technique points out, even if my technique leads to a life that's nasty, brutish, and short, a sharp knife is all that's necessary for a more elegant solution.