[QUOTE=Bruce]Thank you, Konical.

It's been a very long time since I've used transparency film - how does one make a copy negative? Would the results be sharp enough to make small prints - say up to 8x10 or so? Or does it make a potentially pleasing diffusion effect?

As David has indicated above, a lot depends on your technique and equipment. If I recall correctly, I worked with either a 6 x 7 or a 4 x 5 transparency when I once did a color to B & W conversion. I put the transparency in the enlarger and "printed" a negative by projecting the image onto T-Max 100 film in a film holder.

The results I got were adequate, but certainly nothing to make me want to do the procedure again unless absolutely necessary. My 4 x 5 copy negative enlarged to 16 x 20 lacked the very smooth tonality a 4 x 5 T-100 negative ordinarily delivers. There was a certain "roughness" of tonality which was unlike anything else I've encountered; the closest comparison I can make is the look of fairly large prints (11 x 14 or bigger) made from 6 x 6 or 6 x 7 negatives on the old (1970's) Tri-x. I didn't find the result particularly appealing, but it would certainly have been serviceable in a smaller print, especially one intended only for reproduction in a publication.