Seems like an ebay special
I was wondering about that.
However, I found this on a Flickr post and this might be right as the inner barrel that slides out is lined with the same material as the actual lens hood.
I have never seen a lens with a 2 stage lens hood.

Koni-Omega Rapid rangefinder camera with f4.5 180mm Hexanon. The lens was introduced in March 1964 as part of the Koni-Omega System. There are two versions, with silver trim (and silver endcap) and a later version (from 1967) with black trim and end cap.

The lens has an in-built, two-stage lens hood. Here shown with first stage pulled out.

I mounted the lens and scotch taped the film plane to check focus and it seems to focus correctly whether the lens barrel is in or out despite the fact that the inner lens elements do move.