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Earl, keep an eye on www.cameraquest.com. Apparently, Stephen Gandy visited the Cosina factory in Japan last month & will be posting a full report soon - including what he learned about the ZI, I came across a preliminary quote from him that everything about the ZI is new & that no parts except the Copal shutter are shared with Bessas. It will be interesting to read the details.
I can't wait to see what Stephen Gandy has to say. I love his writing on all of the old classic cameras and lenses...even stuff I'm not interested in is fun to read on his site.

If indeed there are no Bessa parts in the ZI (which contradicts the original reports that I read, but certainly is well within the realm of possibility) then I wonder why Cosina is involved at all. Seems like ZI could have set up their own facilities for a lot less than cutting Cosina in on a slice of the pie. Curiouser and curiouser...

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