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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=2]Hi y'all,
My old 75mm EL Nikkor lens decided to grow fungus, so I need to replace it. I have a chance to buy a lens that was made by Minolta at what seems to be a reasonable price. The lens is a 80mm 5.6 Minolta C.E. Rokkor. Does anybody out there know anything about Minolta enlarging lenses?

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Mike Sullivan[/SIZE][/FONT]
I bought one on eBay several months ago and I love it. I think it is as good as anything I have used. It is a 6 element lens, which means it should be better than the 75mm Nikkor and about the same quality as the 80mm Nikkor. It isn't the fastest, but should cost a whole bunch less than an f4 80mm from Schneider or Rodenstock. I think I paid about $40 for mine, maybe more like $30.