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Hmm, freestyle seem to still list Slavich papers on their site:

Has anyone tried ordering from them lately? I just printed some landscapes on Bromportrait and it came out wonderful, love the surface texture of that paper.
They are still shipping whatever stock they have left. If they list it, they have some, and if if they are low on stock, it will say so. For whatever is worth, I have contacted Slavich directly and received a couple of responses. Prices are good but shipping to the US would amount to about $25 per box of 25 sheets double weight, 11x14. If there are import duties on top of that, it may put the cost of a box at more than double what Freestyle is selling now and that's a deal killer. Unfortunately, so far it doesn't look good for Slavich in the US, and I sincerely doubt anyone else would step in and import here.