You can get Beseler 67s, 23Cs and 45 Ms very cheap on eBay. I recently purchased a pristine Zone VI modified 45 MXT with a cold-light head. The 23C XL that I bought new in 1977 has just been converted to a Zone VI cold light (another eBay item). The Beselers are built to last forever and can be outfitted with a number of different printing heads. The 45 MX enlarger is about 80 lbs so shipping is high but they are easy to disassemble and put back together requiring only a screwdriver. New or used parts are easy to obtain if needed and the enlargers are easy to align. You can get a complete 23C for $150 or a 45 MX for about $300 (or less) and that's only a small fraction of what they cost new or would be charged if bought used from a dealer.