Hello APUG,

The Story:
I have two Minolta X700 bodies. The first one doesn't work at all. The second one works, but the bottom plate is partially broken RIGHT where my gorilla-sized right hand rests. I put the minolta auto-winder on the bottom to cover it up for now (I never use it), but the winder gets in the way at times and I would rather have a slightly smaller camera body to deal with.

The Problem:
I want to do a bottom plate swap on my two X700 bodies, but the heads of the screws on the non-functioning X700 body are stripped. I have tried slotting it myself with an X-acto knife. I have tried gluing the head a bit and moving it very slowly. These screws are really in there.

The Question:
Any more tips on how can I get these stripped screws out?