Hi All.

Checking in to introduce myself, originally I was shooting 35mm and 'Super 8' back in the early 80's and the 90's shooting the steam engines at crofton beam engines, where I was a volunteer along came redundancy in 1999 and my foray into digital with a coolpix 990, and a canon EOS late 2000's. After clearing out my late fathers house in 08 I came across my grandfathers kodak box brownie model c.

Anywho on this round of redundancy I been thinking of going medium format when funds get better, I fancied the look of the Kiev 88cm, done a lot of researching on it, got some mixed feelings from certain sources but have decided on saving up for a used hasselblad 500.

With that all said and done, I respooled some 120 film so I can try out my grandfathers box brownie, it was nerve racking to say the least trying to get it done in pitch black, but I now have a 'brownie' with a No1 showing in the little red window, so only time and nerves will see what the results are like.