Aspergers should not be seen as a "condition", but a favourable trait. Millions around the world have it. I was diagnosed with it 30 years ago (and it is very important to have an accurate diagnosis, not by heresy or casual referral from know-it-alls). I'm an obsessed photographer, but I don't let it take control of me I have other interests outside photography. My traits are detail, detail, detail, persistence, inability compromise when set to determined outcome... others still which characterise me, and many others. Asperger people frequently have hightened visual-spatial awareness and can be thought of as having potentially much more success in the arts (e.g. photography, traditional brush arts) etc. Some of my friends have it and are very successful brush artists. Do some research on it, but never feel like you're isolated or "doing it tough". That only happens if you bring the roof down on yourself.