Someone will still have to mount of install a print that size, and that can cost as much or substantially more than the cost of printing it. Right now there's a "fine art" fad going on about super large prints, with high prices being sometimes paid for what are otherwise utter abominations
esthetically, or for basically color redux work of the 70's, just way bigger. Most of this is largely Fauxtography, with all the usual esthetically adolescent digitial fooling around, and no doubt in a
few years will burn out, and all the museums will want to start showing Minox contact prints. I like
large prints when they reveal detail and nuances you cannot see otherwise. Otherwise, you're just
talking about the price of decor - fancy wallpaper. But when someone comes nose to nose with a
big print, and not only sees the whole field of grass, but the individual blades, and then notices a
ladybug out there and can count the legs on it ...