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Stuff get's old..

Japanese (at least Nikons in my experience, don't cloud up, and dont have unreliable shutter mechanisms-- there is the FM2 that can be cagey... but if it mis-behaves throw it out and buy another!).
Are you thinking of the FG? FM2's are one of the most durable cameras ever built. Gawd knows mine has been through hell and back, still accurate, the one camera I would never hesitate to take ANYWHERE if I really needed the picture. In 25 years it has only had two lens mounted on it, a 105 2.5 and a 35 2.0.

Wrong forum I know.

Other datum points, my Fuji 150 6.3 I have had slightly longeer than the Nikon, no degradation with either optical nor mechanical (Seiko) mechanisms.

I would not hesitate to buy a Schneideritis lens if the price was right and I needed it.

tim in san jose