Drew, I'm with you on the decoration vs art idea. Many people can't seem to distinguish the two. Although that is a subject far from the OPs question.

Not with you on the fauxtoshop though, we must accept digital painting as a medium (I have done quite a few illustrations in gouache, ink and aquarelle, and also all digital, all of them have their charm and curses), as we must accept digital photography.

To kind of answer the original question, PE has many time mentioned doing RA4 printing in room temp, you could build a basin from waterproof barrier material (textile or plastic) and framing timber, use as a huge tray.. There are electrical blankets (used in beds) that could be used underneath for heating, maybe use them as a thermal element connected to a PID thermostat? Jeezus, I'm full of ideas.

I have done b&w roll developing, took ages, and was boring. Got bigger trays in the end.