It is still possible to make prints to 40 x 50" inches in a moderately big darkroom on 42" wide paper processed in "roll troughs" - I am setting this up at the moment in my darkroom in Quinninup for my 2014 exhibition

The enlarger is a DeVere 5108E with a turret in the ceiling, 42" wide Foma paper and a set of coated plywood "roll troughs" - I have done this before using Ilford paper in the WA Museum darkroom and later with Agfa MCC in a 42" wide roll

Before the real printing is done I have tried a 2005 infra red neg' to 30 x 45", but I did not like the result, in theory all that grain should have made the image into a totally different thing when viewed very close up, but to me it just looks ugly, so I will sit at 14x21" for this image


A good account of the roll-roll processing technique is in St Ansels's Print

More on this later and in the Large Print Group - I have had a break while replacing our ancient Volvo wagon with a you-beaut-ute (better for camping and moving manure, seaweed and firewood) and during this too hot summer