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Does anyone now how the lenses of the mamiya 23 press camera (especially the 50 mm) compare to the (high quality) of the lensen of the mamiya 6 system?
You should also compare these to the Mamiya 7 system.

The Mamiya 23 Press camera's lens quality would be equivalent to the Plaubel Makina's.

I once saw a test of the Mamiya 7 along with a Hasselblad, a Rollei SLX & I
think a Bronica. I couldn't find it now, if I tried. I have it bookmarked as an E-Mail.

The upshot was that the Mamiya 7 was the sharpest, but also the most contrasty.
The sharpness was due to the 6 x 7 mag, being so much less than the 6 x 6's.
The contrast was due to the " Modern " Japanese lenses against the older Zeiss, etc.

What I would do with a Mamiya 23 Press camera would be to try & fit a 6 x 12 back to it.