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Olympus XA is another great option in a fixed lens range finder. The XA uses a
6 element Planar style lens.
Here's why you want to get this camera, especially if you like to shoot people.
The following is copied by me from another post.

" Do you want to know a secret ?" " Do you promise not to tell ?"

I'm sorry I couldn't resist.
This trick works best if you are using the A16 flash, but it would work on the A11, also.

We know that once the flash is " popped-up ", that it will fire, no matter,where the f-stop scale is set.
We also, know that since the camera uses a leaf shutter, it will synch
at any shutter speed. We finally know,that while the cameras f-stops are adjustable in
1/3rds of a stop,the flash only has ISO 100 & ISO 400 settings.

Finally, if you set the f-stop to f 5.6, ( indicated in orange ) & the orange - red distance # on the focus dial,
( the actual # is different, if your camera is meters, or feet ). Then where ever you point the camera, the
image will be sharp, because the camera is set to hyperfocal focus & the rangefinder, does not have to be used.

Because of the nature of the Olympus XA, ALL flash exposures are taken at f 3.5 - 4.0
You can determine this for yourself, by setting the aperture at f 4.0 & looking at it.
Then set the aperture to flash & take a look at it. They look almost the same.

These days I shoot neg film & get it scanned. It's cheaper than scanning chromes.
I overexpose ALL neg film by 1 stop, under ALL circumstances. This guarantees a
good exposure.

Now here is the secret I promised you. There is only 1 stop difference between f 4.0 &
f 5.6.

1. If I were to shoot ISO 200, ( rated ), film, like Portra, or NPS, or NPC, I would
set the camera at ISO 100.

2. Set the flash to ISO 100. " Pop-up " the flash.

3. Set the f-stop to f 5.6 & set the focusing ring to the orange - red focusing distance.

The camera is now set for a perfect 1 - 12 stops flash fill, which can be used at ALL
shutter speeds. Also, because the camera is set for a depth of field focus, ( that's what this is ),
all of your images will be sharp, without rangefinder focusing.
Thus the camera works like a point & shoot.

This can be refined for other ISO's or if you want less flash, set the camera ISO, to 80.