All I was trying to say is that the specific Zorki that I bought was made badly, i.e. screws don't fit properly, the mounting plate behind the lens does not sit flush, so the lens is not aligned well...things like that. I am not ripping on all Zorkis, I am saying that the one I purchased was not made well. Maybe the person that assembled it back in 1953ish was having a bad day! I dunno. As for the other cameras I listed, I am specifically talking about build quality. I have multiple versions of Leica/Contax/Canon/Minolta from the same era. The first three are consistently solid from a build point. I have one Minolta that is solid as a rock and another that seems more like it should have been sold in a gumball machine. It isn't a knock on the camera maker! My original post mentioned that I was hoping to hear that there are lots out there that have a good, solid version of this camera.