davela, no doubt you speak from experience but I had the opposite one.

Several years ago, I lost my Olympus OM1 camera. I spent more than 6 months looking for another one but all I saw were cameras with various problems (mainly due to meter but not only).

Finally, I gave us and bought a Praktica camera for a song. Today, the camera still works fine, no trouble of any kind (meter, film transportation, shutter, you name it, everything works as expected).

Last year, I bought a Nikkormat FTN. Everyone praises its reliability. Conclusion, the shutter broke after 2 films.

Back to the soviet cameras: all cameras described as in working condition when I bought them were able to take pictures. Some were a little rough but they were flawless (Zenit 3M, Kiev 2A, Mir rangefinder, FED 3, Zorki 1). The only non-working cameras (not a surprise, I knew it) were pre-war FED 1 which needed an internal cleaning, a gentle lube, new shutter curtains and/or split mirror. But I am sure it is the case for any Leica from the same era.

Take care.