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It's not like there are brick and mortar stores selling these things used. Unless I can hold it in my hand and inspect it, I'm very uncomfortable buying anything used. I should also add when I check listings for used equipment, people ask ridiculously high prices for anything in excellent condition anyway. Saving a few hundred dollars on a $2500 lens that is 20 years old is not my thing.
Boy, I wish I were rich like you.

The most I've ever paid for a lens was $825 including sales tax and delivery. It was used, is in good order. The current new price -- I just checked -- is $1969. It needs a center filter, current new price $664. I got a beautiful used one for $225 delivered. I raised the funds by selling a used lens that brought more than my new treasures cost. Its buyer was delighted.

My most expensive lens (when new) listed for $4,900 in 1982 when the manufacturer went out of business. I got mine a bit over a year ago for $200, including delivery. And it is in good order.

All of these transactions were with distant strangers and were set up via the Internet.

Some chances are worth taking. Savings from buying used aren't always chicken feed. And used lenses are often in good condition. Used shutters almost always have to be overhauled ... Remember, when you take a picture with a new lens it turns into a used lens.