Hello APUG community,

My name is Max and I've decided to join this forum after having spent quite a while just reading the posts.

I come from France (the title is not a mistake), but this year I'm living in Quebec city, Canada for my last year of studies in geography (hence my name). Next year I will be starting a thesis back in France.

I did quite a bit of film shooting a few years back, developing in my parents bathroom. I then dropped the cameras bit by bit to concentrate on other aspects of my life (mostly studying and mountain climbing). But photography has always been in the back of my mind, and now I have a little more time and money, I am eager to hop back into the trade.
I bought a P&S digital camera a few months ago, fine for sending pictures to friends by email and looking at them on my little laptop. But I just can't get my head around the whole process from the camera to a nice print (and don't want to either). So I am looking to build myself a system the will take me through the years and when I go back home this summer I will start putting up a darkroom in MY bathroom.

Thats about it,