No running water in my darkroom now. I work with a 7 gallon container I fill in the backyard from the hose and a holding bath, wash film and prints later upstairs. It works, for now, until I can get the basement built out.

But the point is very valid, and one of the reasons I love it. It's also taken on more therapeutic value for me now than when I first started doing darkroom work in the late 70s in Jr. High and high school and into college. These days I earn my living as a network engineer, and spend much of my free time on the 'net too. Getting away from digital and computers and getting my hands wet is a valuable escape for me, and yet another reason I enjoy analog so much more than digital.

Well, ok, I stream WWOZ from New Orleans over the 'net to my iPhone to listen in the darkroom, but that and my Gralab 450 are the only intrusions of anything remotely digital!