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This is one of my more recent portraits that I have taken. I was going to an epic/intense feel, i was trying to show with the lighting and the forward lean pose.

Tell me what you think and how i could make it better.
There is a lot of discussion here about the technical merits but I think the technical merits are fine. The lighting is pretty good! What I sense as most bothersome is his smile/facial reaction to being photographed. Something seems off about the picture and I think it is his reaction to being photographed. He looks as though he is a little self-conscious or smiling/laughing while the lighting and black & white palette lends itself to something more serious. His facial reaction doesn't fit with the rest of the picture. I don't hate the pose but it looks like it could be improved. I think if you had a relaxed subject who was leaning a little more naturally forward, who was thinking less about being photographed and more about "an idea", it would work better. Perhaps if you had taken a full roll you would have been able to find one that worked with all the dynamics. Otherwise I think you are off to a nice start!