Sometimes I wonder whether I'm artistic or autistic.
Then I think, "Aw, what the hell's the difference, anyway?"

I have been told that I have ADD. Don't worry, I'm comfortable with that.
Besides, I believe that ADD is an inborn trait that allows a person to pay attention to multiple stimuli at the same time.
For a photographer, that's quite a favorable trait. Isn't it?

Anyway, I take Wellbutrin when I need it. ADD is an off-label use for Wellbutrin.
I don't take it all the time. Mostly in the winter when seasonal depression is more prevalent. I usually lay off in the spring and summer.
Whether I take something for my condition is irrelevant. I still have to manage it whether I take drugs or not. The drugs just make it a little easier.

I handle my ADD with strict time management. I find that I can do almost any chore for 15 minutes without getting distracted. If I try, I can work for a half hour. So, that's my goal. To work 30 minutes without stopping. Then I get to take a break. When the break's over, I go back to work for another half hour. I keep up that schedule until the job is done.

I keep a written schedule of my day to keep my on track and I check off my chores as I finish them.

If I stay on schedule and get all my things done for the whole week, I can go downstairs and work in the darkroom on Saturday as long as I want.
(I find it a lot easier to stay on task when it's a self-directed activity.)

Just a suggestion to throw against the wall and see if something sticks...
How about you set up a schedule. Work time = X hours per day. Photography time = Y hours per day.
You have specific days and times when you have to go to your day job or take care of chores. You have specific days and times when you can work on photography. At the end of the week, if you have kept your schedule, you can reward yourself with a day of doing whatever you want.

I work in a college and I know a couple of students who have Asperger's. They seem to like the predictability of an orderly, predefined schedule.
To be in class at specific times of day; to spend so many hours in the library studying; to be at their Work Study jobs on certain days/times.
If I told them to meet me at the theater on Wednesday after lunch, you can bet they'll be standing in the doorway at 1:00 pm on the dot. If I was more than a few minutes late, they'd be unhappy with me. It seems to me that, order = comfort.

I don't know if that's how you work. I know not everybody with A.S. works the same way.
But you could give it a try. Sticking to a schedule helps me. A modified version of that idea might help you.