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Nobody is for certain what the future holds for Kodak. We all hope that to some degree their coating business will continue to operate far into the future. But I had a thought earlier. If a large number of photographers go out and hoard film, there will be a nice little spike in sales, followed by what could be a long, and steep, drop in sales as people get over their fears and shoot out their stock. Even more dangerous is that film is a perishable item. That could reflect very poorly on a quarterly balance sheet, especially for a company that is under judicial oversight for finances.

I'm sure that there won't be enough hoarders to really show as a blip on the financial radar, but I think the theory is interesting enough to discuss.
A spike in sales is still beneficial because it gives hints about how many people might still buy film when the threat to supply is not present. I wouldn't be surprised if Ilford watches this sort of thing very carefully, on guard for contagious panic. They sell film too, remember? Film's going to die, right? Why wouldn't they be watchful. Kodak is their canary.

In a robust film market a hundred rolls is 'stocking up'. But when Kodak declares bankruptcy it's 'hoarding'. I'd better keep it in the basement with the canned beans and 16 gauge deer slugs.