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I'm sorry, to me, it doesn't work. [...] Also, the muted lighting of the front center of face does not show off this model as an intense figure. I would also like to see little more light going to his eyes and eye socket area. His eyes are looking right at me, but they don't show well.... they are in shadow.
To me these are really pointless remarks. Successful photographs are about the idea, not the details. You may find technical faults in a thousands wonderful photographs that you cherish deeply, and none of them matter because the concepts are successful. Obviously, good exposure and proper lighting is preferable if not essentially required, but quibbling over a little more light in the eye sockets really doesn't help the guy. The idea in his photograph works. Everything about the picture basically works except the facial expression, which as you and I both said, contradicts the otherwise dramatic nature of the photo. Getting an expression that looks natural in a self-portrait is very difficult, but a worthy pursuit! We should focus on these important things, not minor details that would only help the picture in fractional amounts.