A surge in sales of endagered films could certainly help rethink their direction at this critical juncture. Toward the end I got the impression they
were lopping off this and that in desperation. Now that the worst is over
(temporarily) they can think smaller and more sustainably. Hard to get a
firm clue, but they seem to have withdrawn their discontinuance notice of
Ektar sheet film from their website since Chapter 11 and maybe want to
leave the option still there. But panic hoarding of Ilford back during their
troubles was probably a factor in Forte's demise. I'm stocking up the freezer to capacity for my own sake. But one positive thing all us hoarders can do is rotate our inventory with fresh stock if it becomes available and
affordable again, and keep business steadily flowing to Kodak. For instance, I plan to participate in any upcoming custom runs of 8X10 TMY,
both to replenish what I shoot and to help sustain Kodak's committment.