The buyer is somehow convinced that he cannot buy film?

News flash, Kodak isn't stocking film for 8x10, except for E-6, and this is the last year there will be Ilfochrome. It's special order, through Canham. The local supermarket has Fuji instant cameras, but it's been awhile since they carried any 35mm film. Maybe the drug store has 35mm, since they do processing. I don't know, as I shoot mostly MF and LF, and so I'm always going to Seattle's only pro film store, Glazer's Camera.

There is one place locally that develops by mail order, and there's only three pro film labs. None handle color LF. So people who want to have fun with Holgas, Lomos, and the rest, must do like I do, and send it mail order. The remaining labs are not convenient, as in, no parking in the area.

The guys who buy the big freezers have special film needs anyways, like ULF, or something is tuned to their process. I just bought two boxes of Kodak color film, and I do hope that I can get more in the future. But I won't stop shooting 8x10 if I can't get color film for it.