I have some RB67 equipment I'd love to trade or sell.
Beater RB67 Pro body, sometimes jams at release lock but fiddling with it clears the jam, rotating back leaks light in bright sun
ProS 6x7 120 back, doesn't seem to leak light but has jammed twice after shot 10 and required darkness to clear the jam- I used it for about 2 dozen rolls
65mm C lens
90mm C lens
180mm K/L lens
Non-metered prism

Let me know if you'd be interested in some trade or some trade plus a bit of money to me for all of it. In any case I'm shy on money perhaps even for postage to Canada. I do have some 120 film I don't need. I need 8x10 HP5+, Fp3000B45, 35mm TriX or Arista Premium, flash meter, monolight, misc grip, tap connecting water filter, and various other things. I'm interested in the Pentax, have no idea what I'd do with the Voigtlander, whats the lens?

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I reluctantly have to rationalize/streamline my camera collection, so I am looking to acquire RB67 gear by trading my Pentax 6x7 (Mirror lock-up model, non-metered prism, good user condition) and Voigtlander Avus 9x12 folder). Photo's to follow later this evening.

Interested in wide-angle lens, the soft focus (with discs), perhaps even another body (the one I have is a real beater, and shutter cocking seems a bit wonky; takes more than one crank often).

Please PM if interested.