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Hi, mts, PE, thanks for the suggestions.

I'm using Phototherm that has an built-in program for E6. There's a wash step after the first developer, but it uses water. I'm not sure it it is at all possible to introduce a separate stop bath.

As for the development time, I follow the instructions of the C6R faithfully. If anyone is interested, a copy of the instruction is here.

Do any of you think that starter solutions might help? In one of the Kodak documentation for E6 troubleshooting, the lack of starter solution is listed as one of the possible causes, and that's pretty much the last option that I have yet to try.
Are you sure your chemistry is in date ? I ask because if you are following those instructions faithfully are you aware that Conditioner and Stabalizer were replaced some years ago by Pre Bleach 2 and Final Rinse.

I would love to provide a link to the Fuji Hunt current E6 Technical manual but the forum anti link protection really is comprehensive and I have wasted half an hour of my life already on alternatives that would usually work so the best I can do is say google for TB E6_E13_09-11.pdf its the first and only result I get.

I would also recomend you google for TIS Replacements for E6 Kits

The quote below is from it

Please note that the use of Pro6 First Developer and Pro6 Colour Developer as working Tank olution requires the use of special starter solution for each developer. This is not optional; you will not achieve a satisfactory E6 process without use of the correct starters.

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