Your dilemma seems to me to be about context. If you put "the artistic life" in the context of "Aspergers," then you'll have an artistic life coloured by and tethered to your condition. You already know how that plays itself out in your life. As others have pointed out, there are many positives to this, not the least being a distinctly individual approach to image making. There are other contexts in your life, though, each of which could make their own contribution to your artistic output and perception of the artistic life. The contexts of work, family, physical body, spiritual beliefs, food etc. etc. can be woven into photography as legitimately as the Aspergers context and may be worth exploring. There have been countless great artists down the ages who have made choices about their particular set of contexts that may inspire you. May I encourage you to spend a bit of time in your local library reading about any that you feel produced the kind of work and led the kind of artistic life that you aspire to.

And you don't have to be a "professional" and earn your living from art. The artistic life, as I see it, is about conducting your life artfully, creatively, in whatever you do. It doesn't have to involve making images. But if that's your pleasure, then add it to whatever else you have to do for the moment to keep body and soul together. That will be the context in which your artistic life can be nurtured. Let the Aspergers take care of itself.