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My world travel friend and former swim coach told me that I can travel through Canada or Mexico. He warned me that I should have my US passport stamped in Cuba or else I can be fine for traveling there. It's so stupid. But shoot a lot of pictures because as soon as it's the country is open to the Yanks, the country will be ruined by all the Starbucks and McDonalds on every corner to accommodate them. Photograph Cuba while it's still beautiful.
There have been changes made recently in the US about travel to Cuba. This was in June, so you need to check on the guide lines.

your passport isn't stamp regardless if one has a license or not I don't know why, as it didn't matter to me and in fact I would have thought it great fun to have a cuba stamp.

I can't image Starbucks and McDonalds on every corner as the people can't afford these types of luxuries, they are barely getting by as it is.

Every one has a job, yes, but the salaries are $15-$25 a month and the only people eating and drinking a various restaurants in old Havana are tourist.

And as someone else mentioned the inter structure is falling apart, beautiful old architectural just decaying.

The people are very friendly, the weather wonderful. Lots of cigars and rum but don't try to bring those items back into the US. Now you have issues.