I've accumulated a few Osram flash units that have been dependable and accurate. For compact units, they have very versatile heads for bounce/wink, etc. They have removable shoes and support the SCA system. Most of my camera equipment is older, non-SCA coordinated gear and it was never an issue but I thought since accumulating some Contax G equipment, that it would be nice to use the TTL capabilities of the system with a flash style that I know works well for me.

I've looked for info sources quite a bit and still am unsure... The modules on these look identical in photographs to the modules that fit the Metz gear. Are they actually interchangeable? Here's a link to something that I found on-line that shows the actual flash and modules, etc. If I can get a shoe module like this for a Metz, will it work on the Osram?


Any links that could help me? Any personal experiences?