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...go see a movie in a theater, ideally where they are projecting from 35mm...
We don't often see motion pictures in theaters. In fact, we hardly watch them at home. However, being a harsh critic of what's available is another topic.

Today I checked the listings for "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," one feature we do intend to view early next week. There were two theater chains to choose from. The first has a 6-screen facility very near our home. I phoned and asked whether they projected film or digitally. The answer was "all digital." I expressed my disappointment and intent to go elsewhere, whereupon the manager stated that they still had two film projectors in reserve and could accommodate me. No matter how hard I tried, it was impossible to make him understand that I was a potential patron, not a distributor trying to place a film.

My second call was to an 8-screen theater, slightly further away, that's part of a different chain. Its manager responded that projection was 100% film. I thanked her, then asked that she let the owners know this answer was a good one and the reason I'd be going to their establishment rather than the competition's. She sounded pleased and committed to pass my input along.