So the options are either a 12V DC adapter or to use a 220/240V -> 120V Step-Down Converter; a few questions with these two approaches. In regards to the 12V adapter, how would I connect the adapter up to the enlarger or a timer? The enlarger uses a grounded US electrical plug, but I notice the adapter on Jaycar uses a two-pin connector. Would I have to strip the wire and solder an Australian AC female plug to the adapter? Also, if the lamp only needed 12V why would it mention the 82-85W on the back plate? In regards to a step down transformer, I know the input on the back plate is 120V AC, but how would that work with the 82-85W mentioned for the lamp, or if the lamp was 12V?

Thanks for the help

Edit: Also, the halogen transformer mentioned, what would be an example of this?