Hi I'm Sam, 19 from Aylesbury, Bucks. I got into photography kinda by accident when I came out of school with only 2 qualifications and took a GCSE photography course on a whim, I was given a Olympus Trip and a couple of rolls of film and got hooked. The course itself was awful, a hell of a lot of writing and reasearch but very little photography. The only good part was the black and white darkroom in which I spent all of my time.

I now have my own processing equipment a home since I finished, I shoot mainly 35mm in a Zenit E and my Trip and a little bit of 120 in my Seagull tlr. I don't really have a specific style, mainly i take photos when out an about with friends, like a documentary of my life i guess.

I love experimenting with different film and developers, and i joined this site to learn more about developing, and to contribute my own findings of course!

Sam Harris