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If the buyer is somehow convinced that he cannot buy film then it is not the buyer's fault. I now have no place near me to buy any sort of film. I can get disposable cameras and I can mail order film.

I live 30 minutes from both Peoria Illinois and Bloomington Illinois. I can get 35mm Fuji print film at the local Wal-Marts and Meijer, 35mm Kodak print film at the local Target. Fuji & Kodak disposable cameras at Wal-Mart, Fuji disposables at Meijer and Kodak disposables at Target. But I don't shoot color print film. Most of what I do is E-6, with the occasional roll of B&W. The Camera Corner in Bloomington no longer sells slide film, though they do sell T-Max and Tri-X. Peoria Camera Shop has a few rolls of Provia 100F and once that's gone they won't have slide film any more either. So getting color film will be all online shopping for me once Peoria Camera is out of Provia. I can get the film delivered to my door in 2 business days from "the big two" in NYC. Both UPS Ground and FedEx Ground deliver in two days from there for me, so there's no need to ship 2nd day Air to get that fast a delivery time. And even with shipping costs its still less expensive than buying locally.

As for E-6 and B&W processing, it's all drop-off at Wal-Mart or Meijer (Fuji), or I can drop it at either The Camera Corner or Peoria Camera Shop. Fastest turn-around for E-6 is at The Camera Corner (about a week, they send it to their store in the Quad Cities), Fastest turn-around for B&W is at Peoria Camera Shop, where they have an in-house lab that handles everything except E-6, for which they have the slowest turn-around (2-3 weeks vs. 10 days-2 weeks for Wal-Mart (Fuji)).

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