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Hello Sam, I'm another newby, though I wish I could say I was only 19...try doubling it and adding a few
Please don't think I'm patronising but I'm really glad to see youngsters like you getting into traditional photography. From what I generally see around me, most of your generation only seem interested in iPhones (etc). If they talk at all about film-photography, then they discuss it in a way which makes it sound like an artefact from Noah's Ark, not something which was very easily the primary medium until around 2005.
Aside from the iPhone/instagram crowd, a lot of people my age are getting into film but only because all of a sudden its become very fashionable to do so. They go into charity shops and buy whatever camera looks "vintage" enough and post the photos to Facebook to comments like "oh it looks soooo retro/arty" etc. It's annoying because because film is something I'm really serious about, and I get accused of being one of these people a lot. :/

Thank you for the warm welcomes