Hello Matt, it's the right hand I've got, which is lucky in one respect because that's where all the buttons are

Yes, I use a dissolve unit: Imatronic SX2000C, along with two Kodak 2050s. I used to use tape, but mostly now everything is prepared on my laptop (soundtrack, signals) before burning it as a multichannel audio DVD: front two channels for stereo audio and one of the rear channels for signals.

I love it. I love getting away from the computer to create a piece of work I'm happy with. No one seems happy these days unless they're using a computer to do it. I actually enjoy the process of making 'traditional' slide-shows (other than cleaning and glass-mounting the transparencies, which I hate!). I enjoy that it takes some time; investing the time is part of the hobby to me. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry these days..."can't believe you're still using film and projectors", they say, "don't you know that doing the same thing on a computer would be ten times faster?". And my answer is "So what?". It's not a race, it's hobby, and for me the process is as enjoyable as the result