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I like to eat out. I have been eating out for most of my life. Not every night, of course, but, usually once a week or so.

Lately, I discovered an Italian restaurant in the city. It is well established and seems always to be full of interesting people engaged in a lively discussion about a variety of topics. I liked the atmosphere and so began going out to dinner there once in a while.

Right away, I noticed the glaring lack of seafood on the menu. An Italian restaurant that did not serve any seafood?!?!? I was shocked. I mean, Italy is surrounded by the sea...and many of the other Italian restaurants that I frequent serve sea food. The greek restaurant served seafood. Thge vietnamese too. So I found it very annoying that this nice Italian restaurant did not serve sea food. How could they be so out of touch with reality?

I pointed this anomaly out to the waiter and injected my disappointment in every conversation I could. Most folks politely pointed out to me that the restaurant's owner was alergic to seafood and that many of the patrons were too. In fact, the very fact that the place served no seafood was exactly what made the place so special. It was even printed very plainly in the menu.

I was not to be so easily deterrred. I started bringing my own seafood to the restaurant and sharing it with other tables. Many of the regular customers got sick and some even reminded me that there were lots of other restaurants that served sea food. If I wanted to eat sea food, why didn't I go to one of the restaurants that serve it?

One night, I just couldn't stand it. I stood up in the middle of dinner and demanded in a loud voice that the restaurant owner and the staff change the policy. After all, it was ridiculous...an Italian restaurant that does not serve sea food! Imagine it! How outrageous!

The restaurant staff and even the owner pointed me to a restaurant up the street that specialized in Italian seafood. But I refused to go there because there just weren't that many other people eating there and the conversation there seemed a little slow.
If all the people who can't live without seafood actually went to that other restaurant to indulge, it wouldn't be so quiet!
This restaurant may not have seafood but it's got the best damn pizza in the world.